Dana Carvey Is No Stranger To Medical Malpractice

Even though this happened 18 years ago, things like this happen all the time. One day, you are going into to get open heart surgery, the next day you find out that they need to proceed again because they bypassed the wrong artery. This happened to funnyman Dana Carvey. Upset and shocked that the doctors would do the wrong artery, he sued for medical malpractice. He sued for $75 million dollars. However, he settled with the doctors for an undisclosed amount. For people like Dana Carvey, it’s not about the money. It’s about justice being served. And like most medical malpractice victims, the case didn’t go to court and settled beforehand. The doctor’s claimed that since the blockage to the artery was inside the heart they didn’t realize they were doing the wrong artery. But this horrific incident didn’t prevent Dana from joking about it. You can watch him joke about it below: