Did You Suffer Medical Malpractice Because Of Coronavirus?

Medical malpractice law firms — ours included — are expecting thousands of new lawsuits stemming from cases of coronavirus-related malpractice in the coming months and years. Chinese authorities have already been sued by dozens of countries. These cases are built because China covered up the threat to public health, which likely caused infections and deaths to skyrocket all over the world. 

Will those cases prevail? Most of them will not. The United States has a law against such lawsuits. Whereas other countries do not, it is unlikely this type of border-crossing litigation will go very far.

But it could be worth our time to take a look at cases inside our own borders, and decide which of those could have been prevented and which could not.

Personal injury law firms can expect cases based on lack of safety in the workplace and being purposely infected by someone who was not taking the outbreak seriously. Medical malpractice firms, on the other hand, can expect new cases because not all medical care providers had access to the right personal protective equipment at the right time. Other people and organizations were hoarding such PPE, making it very difficult to acquire it.

Do you believe your doctor accidentally infected you with the coronavirus during a routine procedure? Or was a life-threatening procedure delayed due to your healthcare provider’s response to the virus? These are legitimate concerns. If you believe you were exposed to the virus unnecessarily, you may have a medical malpractice case. If you believe your prognosis was worsened because of a coronavirus response, you might have a case.

We expect an increase in the number of accidental death or wrongful death lawsuits in the coming days and months as well. Did you lose a loved one because of COVID-19 or an infection that could have been easily fixed or prevented? We want to hear from you. Contact a medical malpractice attorney to discuss the details of your case today.