How Long Will You Wait For A Personal Injury Settlement?

One reason folks tend to avoid filing lawsuits is simple: they don’t want the pain they feel to drag on longer than necessary. The easiest path forward for some folks is simply letting a personal injury go. Of course, we’re a group of lawyers — so we don’t condone letting it go. The law is about holding individuals and organizations accountable for their mistakes. This is especially true when those mistakes cost lives.

How long will you wait, should you file a personal injury lawsuit? 

There are several factors to consider. First, is the case expected to be settled in or out of court? Courtroom cases tend to take longer. Settlements outside of court mean money in your pocket faster. 

Another factor is which entity is paying. Are you waiting on an insurance check? When a provider takes too much time to run or pay out a claim, a personal injury lawyer might be able to streamline the process for a client. This isn’t always the case, but it’s worth a try.

According to Legal Scoop, “Straightforward cases can issue a settlement check in two weeks or less. Complexity is not the only thing that can make your settlement check arrive late since other factors affect the situation too.”

There are plenty of reasons that a check might be delayed. The biggest reason is the sheer size of the liability. A company forced to pay millions of dollars will take a lot longer to write that check than a company forced to pay a few grand. The more expensive the claim, the longer it might take.

How long will it take on average? Usually once a settlement has been decided, you can expect the check in one or two months. When it takes longer, contact your personal injury lawyer for help. Never communicate on your own, because you might make the situation even worse.