What To Do When A Dog Owner Is Responsible For An Attack

Outlandish cases aren’t always as unusual as we make them out to be. For example, we know that dog bites are common in the United States. But did you know that some of those bites occurred after a pet owner commands their animal to attack the victim? It happens. Here’s what to do when you’re the victim of such an insane attack.

First, retreat to safety. Fight for your life if necessary. Call the police and EMS as soon as it is safe. It makes sense to locate any witnesses who can corroborate your story that the pet owner commanded the pet to attack, but it isn’t always safe to do so until the police have arrived — and sometimes you’ll be too busy looking after your own injuries to do it yourself. Find witnesses when possible. Provide the police with basic details of what happened. Don’t exaggerate. Don’t provide extraneous details. Don’t say more than necessary!

Document all relevant medical bills. Will your injuries require future expenditures? Are you in serious pain? Are you able to work? These are questions you will need to answer should you decide to sue. Keep a journal to document your recovery.

Next, find yourself a personal injury attorney. Tell them everything. Leave no stone unturned. The biggest problem with cases like these is that the perpetrator likely faces criminal consequences. This greatly reduces the chance that a victim will be able to obtain restitution (even if the court commands it). It’s hard for a criminal to pay someone back when imprisoned — and poverty is one of the biggest indicators of potential criminal activity in the first place. 

That said, you still deserve compensation for the crimes committed against you. You might have insurance options, either through your own provider or the pet owner’s. Your lawyer will help you determine what options are best suited to your case.