What To Do When You Find A Rodent Corpse In Your JIF Peanut Butter Jar

Naturally the company that manufactures the peanut butter will dispute whether or not you really did find a decaying creature when you went to make your last peanut butter and jelly sandwich — but does that mean you don’t have a personal injury case? That’s the question one Yorktown, Virginia resident is asking after he made two more sandwiches for himself and his daughter. They’ll likely be the last he makes for quite a while if you believe his story.

“I’m making my daughter, Azalea, a sandwich and I’m getting these quarter- or nickel-sized spots that wouldn’t flake out,” Jacob Fisher told the local news station. “I just thought it was dried peanut butter.”

He finished making the sandwiches anyway, but almost immediately gagged when he went to take a bite of his. That’s when he realized what was in his sandwich.

“I ran and grabbed the sandwich from her, and all I could see were little legs and paws and a torso is what made sense to me. If you look up close, you can see there is a finger, there is a hand, leg, backbone and a head.”

It’s enough to make anyone want to start hunting and fishing and growing their own food!

According to Fisher, there’s no way the rodent could have been trapped inside after he unsealed the container. It must have been in there during the manufacturing process. He says he called JIF when he discovered the rodent corpse, but they never sent the promised return postage

When the local news station inquired, JIF sent them a memo acknowledging that they don’t believe anything happened on their end: “In our manufacturing process, the jars are processed upside down, air is forcefully blown into them, then they are flipped right side up, immediately filled with peanut butter and sealed. We do this to essentially eliminate the chance a foreign object enters our products.”

It’s one thing to say it, and it’s another to spend two seconds thinking about it. How many millions of peanut butter jars are shipped all over the country every day? Is it really impossible that a rodent could have jumped in one of those jars in the two or three second period it was being filled and sealed? Probably not.

JIF maintains that the company did indeed send a prepaid label so Fisher could send the item back.

Fisher is worried about rodent-carried diseases, and who can blame him? If you’ve had a similar experience, your story is important to us and we would like to hear from you.